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Boycott sugar.Consume jaggery.This is the message being circulated by a voluntary organisation-Students' Oxygen movement.
The organisation has been working for the past 14 years to create awareness about the harmful effects of sugar.Billed as Quit Sugar campaign,its activists belonging to the organisation were busy explaining the effects of over-consumption of sugary items like chocolates and icecream.

They have been holding workshops in schools to promote the Oxygen movement.On Monday,they held a work shop inside DAV Public School in Gandhi Nagar in Ranchi.Chief Coordinator of Students' Oxygen Movement Varsha Dubey says the programme was part of their month-long campaign in Jharkhand.

Every body knows that men,women and children loved to consume chocolates,ice cream and all kinds of sweet items.Excessive intake of sugar leads to diabetes,blood pressure and teeth problems,among others.This further affects the kidney,eyes and skin."If children were activated to consume jaggery instead of sugar,a number of these diseases can be prevented:,says Dubey.

Compared to refined sugar,jaggery appears nutritious.Refined white sugar contains only empty calories-that is,calories without vitamins or minerals."Gram by gram,jaggery is more nutritious than sugar",says a doctor. 


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