It’s a Classic case of lost and found.

Eight year old Manish had left his house to go to school in Khilari near Ranchi.Next day when he did not return,his father Munna Singh,an employee of the Central Coalfields Ltd,lodged a complaint with the police saying his son was lost.This was on January 25,2000.

More than 13 years later,Manish returned home at Bachra in Khilari bringing cheers in the Singh family.”I had faith in God and felt that one day my son will come back.This came true”,says his father as mother giggles.

Manish who is now 21 –years old,recalls that while going to school,he was weeping.”My parents were not at home.I was sobbing.Two men saw me and asked why I was weeping.When I told them the reason,one of them promised to make me meet my parents.Then,they took me to railway station.From there,we reached Kolkata.

At Kolkata,they disappeared.I was hungry.I begged and gratified my hunger.I did not know how to reach home.I remembered only ‘Bachra’.After I asked one person to let me know how to reach Bachra,he told me to catch the train on the platform.When I boarded this train,it took me to Allahabad.At the Allahabad station,I was again weeping.

One businessman called Pushpendra Singh Bhadoria came to my help and took me to his house in Itawa.He loved me like his own son,looked after me with care and got me educated upto class X.I worked for him at his shop in Itawa”,says Manish.”He was so good that once he took me to Patna to look for my house and parents,but in vain.”

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Pics:Manish and his family members at Bachra,under Khelari police station in Ranchi

Then how did you return home?”One day I used Google search to locate Bachra.This helped me locate my place.I took the train and reached home”,replied Manish with a smile on his face as his family was on cloud nine having found its lost child after a long span of time.

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