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The tribals have blocked their own homeland in Jharkhand where non tribals and the state administration were not allowed to enter.

The area lies merely 35 km from Ranchi.It is here where people are governed by their own laws and have their own system of education and income.

This was exposed by a media house-Dainik Bhaskar.This Hindi daily on Tuesday reported from Khunti, Gumla and Simdega districts,claiming that tribals there are not only governing themselves, and threatening outside interference with violence, but spreading their hold to other areas as well. 

As it is,this is the place where last August hundreds of policemen, including SP and DSPs and 50 armed CRPF personnel were held hostage for over 12 hours by tribals, demanding self-rule, besides a ban on outsiders entering their villages.
The move is anti government and part of the tribal, known in local dialect as 'Pathalgadi'.By doing so,they have put up hundreds of stone barricades to demarcate their territories.

As a result,the state administration has a huge cause of concern."We are planning to deal with the situation",said a senior officer of the state government where the ruling BJP led by Chief Minister Raghubar Das was being opposed by these tribals.

The entry and exit points of the areas are monitored all the time, the ground report claims. The visitors are allowed only after an assent from the gram sabhas.

State government officials have been quoted saying that they are aware of the situation and are planning a 'big operation' against this tribal movement. The report also expresses apprehensions that this succession is a fertile ground for Naxals,who were marginalised by security forces.

Reports say that the tribals in forest areas of Khunti, Gumla and Simdega districts have installed huge stone plaques and signboards that warn outsiders against entering, loitering or trying to settle in their territories, and have been agitating against the state ever since the Raghubar Das government was looking to amend Chhotanagpur Tenancy (CNT) Act and Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act (SPT), two age-old legislations meant to protect tribal tenancy rights.

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