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Mor Gaon(My village), Mor Desh(My country) never exchange the phrase "I love my village; I love my country" in the movie-Mor Gaon, Mor Desh.

Yet the breathtaking movie, which focuses on the profoundly intense situation that develops in a man's village -Bharno in Jharkhand  over the exploitation of farmers by money lenders and rescue mission of a farmer's educated son,certainly tells a self corrective move starting within  an agriculture society  — one that's almost universal in its depiction of pure  self respect,sentiments,emotion and positive action resulting in reforming the village. 

The entire film was shot in Jharkhand.  

Watching it in the local Nagpuri language, its prime actor is the villain Rishi Prakash Mishra, son of the soil of Jharkhand. His terrific acting was appreciated by the viewer."He has acted fantastically", says Sudhir Manjhi, a school teacher who saw this movie at Eylex on Tuesday when the famous film personality Gautam Ghosh was present. Incidentally, Ghosh, who has also gained fame for his ability to be a superb music director and cinematographer of modern India, is one of the most acclaimed personalities in Bengal film industry.

Apart from highlighting the script of the movie, Ghosh lauded the film directed by Ashvini Kumar."I have learnt many aspects of acting from them.I have lots of love, respect and regards for Gautam Ghosh Sir and Ashvini Kumar Saheb. They are my source of inspiration", said Rishi Prakash Mishra.  
The hero of the film is Deepak Sinha while heroines were Payal Mukherjee and Versha Lakra."All of them have acted well.The credit goes to Ashvini Kumar,Rishi Prakash Mishra,Deepak Sinha,Payal Mukherjee and Versa Lakra."The film is worth watching.It has proved once again that the regional filmmaking has gained excellent ground",said Sunita Oraon,a lawyer.


Another plus point of the movie is the use of High -Tech in production of this regional film Mor Gaon,Mor Desh.In fact,the producer has used Drone and a top class camera -Arri-Alexa with a  fine video service of  Jimmi-Jib.  

 If you see this film slinking around the movie theatre in any city of Bihar,Bengal and Orrisa, it’s out of a sense to gain ground reality at the village level, not mischievousness, not fear. If you see them looking torn up, it’s from a sense of heartsickness, not shame.

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