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Poverty kills. It ends the life of a couple amid plenty of government schemes. This is evident from the latest case of a poor tribal couple in Jharkhand.

Apparently, compelled by hopelessness, disease and lack of cash to get themselves treated in hospital, a tribal couple is learned to have sold their child for Rs 10,000.

The couple is Father Charwa Oraon(45) and mother Jhibel Tirkey. Worse, after her death, last rites were performed with money gained through the sale of her own child.      

The evidence of this story of a poverty ridden couple lies spread in Champa Nagar village under Puggu Panchayat,2 KM from Gumla town.Incidentally,Champa Nagar lies along NH-43 and their hut stands right behind Maruti Show room.

These big names made no difference in their life.Charwa, who pulled rickshaw, and who is suffering from illness, is still on bed, says his mother Bhondo Orain.Charwa and Jhibel who was a daily wage worker, were blessed with their eighth child on August 22. She was a baby girl, 

After she delivered her, she fell ill and a village activist(Sahiya) got her hospitalized. Due to excess bleeding, her health deteriorated. Her husband was ill and lacked cash. Since they lacked ration card, they failed to get 'Golden Card"(Health Insurance card) made under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna.      

"Against this backdrop,the child was sold by them",says a villager who does not want to be named.The child was sold on August 23 for Rs 10000.Three days later,child's mother Jhibel died on August 26.

At Pungu panchayat,Govinda Toppo complains that none of victims family had benefited from any government scheme."They lacked food to eat",he says. Enquiry revealed that they did not have any cemented house.Nor they had a ration card,necessary to get health insurance PMJAY Golden card. 

When Buddhu Toppo, Mukhiya of Puggu Panchayat was contacted for his response to this unfortunate case involving the death of mother and sale of a kid for Rs 10000, he said that he had sought xerox copy of Charwa."I am ashamed that I could not do any thing for Charwa family," he said.

(Credit for inputs from Prabhat Khabar byline story of Durjay Paswan)

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