*Picture shows Trauma Centre of RIMS, Ranchi where two COVID-19 positive women were quarantined. While one Malaysian woman is turning normal, another one seems to be on death bed.

Two women who have been quarantined since they were declared COVID-19 positive cases last week at Trauma Centre of the state government-run RIMS hospital appears to be in a state of transition in life.

One is a woman from Malaysia. "She is recovering and pretty fine", said RIMS Chief Dr. D. K. Singh. She is part of 22- members Group of 17 foreigners who were recovered from two mosques in Ranchi.

The group had landed in Jharkhand capital last month after attending Tablighi Jamat in New Delhi's Nizamuddin. She had come together with her husband who too is from Malaysia.

The second COVID-19 positive woman at RIMS has no travel history. However, she is suspected to have interacted with a friend of COVID -19 positive woman from Malaysia. 

Notably, she, who too is a resident of Hindpiri from where Malaysian woman was found inside the Hindpiri Masjid, is learnt to be 'critical'. Reason?

Apart from Coronavirus's positive record, she is kidney compromised. In the past, she reportedly survived mainly because she used to get dialysis done on a regular basis. Now, none of the three dialysis machines available in Ranchi were functional.

Believe it or not, two of these dialysis machines in private hospitals were without any technician. At RIMS, a new dialysis machine is lying in the store. But the sad fact is: this government hospital lacked a technician who can operate it. The technician was not appointed by the previous BJP government though the dialysis machine was bought and stored there.

Now in absence of this dialysis machine with a technician, this unfortunate COVID-19 female patient(50 plus age), who is kidney compromised, appears to be on the death bed at RIMS. Can you do anything to save her life?

Their relatives and friends were in tears. The state government's health department is expected to act quickly and fast to take appropriate action-shift her to any hospital where the dialysis machine was functional-to save her life.


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