As return of migrant labourers begins on Friday night,Chief Minister Hemant Soren has ensured that the process continues until all workers, farmers, students, tourists and every individual stranded in other states are brought back.

Responding to CM Hemant Soren's appeal to provide train service to Jharkhand workers stranded across the state, Narendra Modi government agreed to do so. Hence they started arriving tonight in Hatia station by train.

"We are thankful to the central government", said Soren.

Soren who held a meeting with senior officers who constituted committee to contain COVID-29 inside secretariat in Ranchi,said that the process of their return has started within 24 hours of permission. 

About 12 hundred laborers are returning from Hyderabad.More,the workers of West Bengal who were stranded there have been sent back by bus and the workers of Jharkhand stranded there will return to their homes by these buses. 


In the meeting, he gave information about the work plan being made in view of the changes and also took suggestions from the ministers, and officials about the work being done to deal with it.

The Chief Minister said that about 2883 students of Jharkhand are still stranded in Kota, Rajasthan. Two special trains have been arranged to bring these students back. 

A train will probably leave tonight and another tomorrow. At the same time, the government has started preparations to bring the students stranded in other states and the patients of Jharkhand who had gone for treatment in other states including Vellore. They will also be brought back soon.

Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh informed the Chief Minister that an action plan has been prepared to bring the laborers in a phased manner. In the first phase, laborers from some areas of Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh will be brought back by bus. 

About 34 thousand Jharkhand workers are stranded there. A complete list of laborers has been prepared. After this, the process of bringing migrant laborers from distant states by special train will start. Apart from this, where a small number of people are stranded, the government is also considering to bring them by air routes.

The Chief Secretary informed the Chief Minister that directions have also been given to the concerned officials regarding inter-state and inter-district movement. 

Under this, those who want to come by their vehicle will be issued a pass by the Deputy Commissioner of the respective districts. At the same time, those who are stranded outside the state will apply for the pass from the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned district. 

If they face any kind of problem, then they can contact the state government for this. Apart from this, people stranded in other districts within the state will be able to take a pass from the Deputy Commissioner there, but this pass will be issued for a fixed time period only and they will have to follow this in any case.

In the meeting, it was also informed that medical check-up, food and lodging arrangements are being made for the returning migrant laborers and students. After this, arrangements will be made for their stay at a fixed place. 

Then, all will be medically tested. Those who will be found healthy will be sent home with instruction to take full precaution, while, if anyone shows symptoms of the infection, they will be Quarantined and treated at the Covid hospitals or their home.

The Chief Minister said that the challenges will increase after the return of millions of migrant laborers. Especially the biggest challenge will be to give employment to them. An action plan is being prepared in this direction right now. Separate comprehensive action plans are being prepared for employment generation in rural and urban areas. 

All the industries-businesses of the state are being assessed. The government will take steps to ensure employment of about 75 percent of the local people in these industries. 

It will be the effort of the government to fully utilize the internal capacity of the state, so that not only the people of this place will get employment, but people of other states will also be able to come here for employment.

The Chief Minister said that on returning a large number of laborers, employment will be the biggest problem in front of them. In such a situation, the government has prepared a detailed action plan to provide employment to these laborers at their homes. 

Under this, the budget for MNREGA will be increased. New schemes will be included in this and a letter will be sent to the central government to increase the MNREGA wage rate.

The Chief Minister said that apart from the Coronavirus, the government is serious about treating patients suffering from other diseases. In this regard, the facility of telemedicine is being started and e-Sanjeevani has also been started. Patients can seek health counseling from specialists and doctors through this.

Principal Secretary of Health Department informed the Chief Minister that most of the private hospitals and nursing homes are still closed. Due to this, patients of other diseases are not being treated. In this regard, the operators of private hospitals have been warned to open their hospitals, otherwise, the process of canceling their registration will be started.

The Principal Secretary of Health Department told the Chief Minister that 34 containment zones have been identified in the state regarding Coronavirus. Ranchi is currently in Red Zone, 10 District in Orange Zone and the remaining 13 Districts in Green Zone. Currently, tests of 800 to 900 samples are being collected and being examined.

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