*Serving food to poor people free of cost in Ranchi.

As positive as this may sound, a small independent video film made for mobile viewing aspires to blend serious nationalist action portrayal of youth with popular support of many self - employed youths.

The film, Rashtriya  Yuva Shakti, is meant to be circulated through the WhatsApp platform and Facebook for self-publicity in this digital age.

However, it tells the tale of Uttam Yadav,39, son of a Flour Mill owner, who undertakes a mission to honour Subhash Chandra Boss by unfurling Tricolour National flags on his birth anniversary as well as Republic and Independence days every year and by giving food, masks and sanitisers to the people in Ranchi and its adjoining areas of Jharkhand during the past two months of lockdown since March 25, 2000.


*Uttam Yadav, founder of Rashtriya Yuwa Shakti, a group of over 1335 youths who were followers of Subhash Chandra Bose

Uttam, who was praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Dumka on January 28, 2016, for his passion to unfurl the national flag, unfolds his determination by getting caught by a mobile camera selling his own gold to get Rs 70,000 from a buyer only to spend the entire sum on food - rice, dal and sabji -served to scores of poor people in the past.

Investigations revealed that Uttam has been managing and running his organisation - Rashtriya Yuva Shakti-since 2013. During the past seven years, he, who elks out leaving by selling bus transport tickets on a commission basis and zooms around either by his mo -bike or car, has set a number of records of social service.


*Pitching up food to be served to poor people in Ranchi

One, in honour of 'martyrs', he has been organising Martyrs Day in Ranchi every year since June 30, 2016 and motivating as many as possible persons for donating blood to many blood banks in the state capital.

Two, since 1998 he has been operating Piyawoo - a free drinking water providing unit- to visitors at New Market, Ranchi.


During the lockdown since April 5 2020, two other video films and pictures revealed that he had served food as well as masks to over 60,000 people, most of whom were the poorest of the poor.

Asked what he aspires to do in post-Coronavirus time, Uttam said that he wants to come out with an Ambulance service for poor people."I enjoy serving the needy", Uttam who is a fantastic nationalist and idealist, said.

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