Come August 1 and Unlock -3 is set to begin as Unlock -2 ends on July 31. Already the Narendra Modi government has started preparing Standard Operative Procedure(SOP) for it.

While wearing masks and social distancing guidelines are bound to continue, some relaxations are expected. One, Malls and Cinema Theatres can be opened. The Information Broadcasting Ministry(IBM) is learnt to have sent a proposal to the Home Ministry mentioning it, it is learnt.

Prior to this, the Cinema Hall owners and the IBM officials were engaged in a round of meetings.In these meetings, the former had put up a proposal to start making Cinema Theatres functional with 50 percent seat booking facility.

However, sources close to Home Ministry claim that the government wants to start it with 25 percent seats booking facility and other protocols applicable to prevent the spread of Coronavirus must be strictly followed in Cinema theatres.

In addition, Malls and Gyms may be opened. However, schools, colleges, universities and Metros in cities are not going to be opened.

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