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There is a big difference between necessity and desire. None of us is inclined to select study -objects connected with society. All prefer to join companies in cities in the country and abroad”.

This was the comment of a BIT, Mesra teacher in Ranchi in response to a query on the opinion of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. While addressing the diamond jubilee of IIT Delhi, Naidu said on Monday that IITs should start major research programmes to boost the rural economy through the development of sustainable technologies.

“The research at IITs and other higher education institutes”, he said, “must be relevant to society and focus on finding solutions to various problems faced by mankind from climate change to health issues.”

"Indian institutions will be counted among the world's best only when they start impacting the societies around them by developing optimal and sustainable solutions to the problems faced by the nation. Research should focus on making the lives of people comfortable, quicken the progress and ensure a more equitable world order," Naidu said.

Though his observation was welcomed by many IIT Delhi students and faculty, three BIT Mesra, Ranchi students were not in sync with Vice President’s advise.

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