North Korea has threatened the United States, yet again, following yesterday’s American led B-2 stealth bomber drills over South Korea. This time, Pyongyang claims to be targeting the U.S. mainland,states International Business Times’ story.

The story authored by Michelle FlorCruz claims on the basis of photographs taken of a recent meeting involving Kim Jong-un and military officials that North Korea may be preparing its nuclear forces to strike a number of U.S. targets, including Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; Austin, Texas; and Hawaii.

“He has finally signed the plan [for] technical preparations of strategic rockets, ordering them to be on stand-by to fire so that they may strike any time the U.S. mainland,” says Michelle FlorCruz quoting the state-controlled Korean Central News Agency reported.

“The Korea Worker’s Party’s official newspaper, Rodong, published a photo of an emergency meeting that shows Kim signing papers with three other military officials. A map with bold-faced Korean characters and several lines marking different destinations are present in the background of the photo as well”,said the same story.

North Korea News used a Google map overlay to determine that the map was actually of the western coast of the United States. “The overlay shows areas of southern California; Washington, D.C.; Hawaii; and possibly Austin have been marked on the map as potential targets”,states FlorCruz;s story.

“A photo published by North Korean military newspaper Rodong show’s Kim Jong Un with military generals in front of what appears to be a mapped out plan of a U.S. nuclear strike”,states International Business Tim

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