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Like him or criticize him. You can not ignore the Congress party’s MP from Thiruvananthapuram’s English. And his latest description of a popular Maharashtrian snack -Bhelpuri.

In fact, Bhelpuri is a popular snack across the country. So much so that a Bollywood film song covers it in these words:“ Chopati Jayenge, Bhelpuri Khayenge( Go to Chowpaty, eat Bhelpuri.”

Whether Tharoor is aware of it or not or whether he had tasted it or not, he has used a social media platform to describe Bhelpuri in these words:

“Exotic crispy puffed wild rice from the amazon rainforest, drizzled with an aromatic salsa-verde of Mauritanian desert cilantro & the chefs secret micro-greens sourced from our exclusive greenhouses in the antarctic, bathed in a luscious salsa-rosso of Botswanaiandates & exceedingly rare Burundian Bujumbura chilies known for fruiting once in twelve years, seasoned with a sauce of sweet Japanese volcanic-soil grown tamarind & malabar organic raw sugar; tossed in a bronze vessel with macedoines of Mongolian winter shallots & Andean heritage potatoes and riotously festooned with a cacophony of Andalusian chickpea flavoured crunchies “bugea” & “papdy” cooked “a la Marwaraise”

Tharoor’s description has gone viral on social media. 

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