*1.Seized bottles of banned cough syrup sold as drugs

Cops have seized Rs 2 crore worth banned cough syrups and arrested four persons in Jharkhand.

The seized product  are banned cough syrups.It was sold as ‘cough’ syrups.But since it is a combination of chlopheniramine maleate and codeine used to make drugs, the government had banned it  following a regulatory view that the drug lacked therapeutic rationale in 1996.

On September 21,while checking the vehicles on highways, the cops had nabbed Islam Khan and seized the banned syrups  from his vehicle in Raidih area of Gumla district.Subsequently,on the basis of information supplied by Khan,a joint team of policemen from Gumla and Ranchi systematically acted against the culprits.

First,on the basis of phone numbers provided by Khan during his interrogation,the cops rang up Ravi Kumar Verma and Ankit Chaurasia seeking three packs of banned syrup each and from Prakash Mahto and Chotu Singh,two packs of banned syrup each.

All four were moving by two separate cars with banned packs of syrup.”We stopped them on highway near Gumla and recovered five packs of Corex syrup”,said the police.

All four-Islam,28,a resident of Raidih,Gumla,Ravi Kumar Verma,28,a resident of Sukhdeo Nagar,Ranchi and Om Prakash Mahto,31,a resident of Sukhdeo Nagar,Ranchi were arrested and sent to jail.   

The seized items were:two cars,one bike,six mobile phones and as many as 345 bottles of banned Onrex cough syrups,each of 100 ML each and 340 battles of Fincirex cough syrup of 100 ML each.


*Police personnel with seized items in front of Raidih police station in Gumla,Jharkhand.

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