Consider the fact first.

In Jharkhand,where the transfer-posting had acquired industrious proportion since long,the state department of civil supply, responsible for making available premium items varying from LPG cylinder to subsidized food through the PDS,was derogatively known as Malai Dar department.

In this department,corruption was so pervasive that the posting of a staff came at a cost varying between Rs five lakh to Rs 20 lakh or more.

This time however the department witnessed a new ball game.

On December 26,a decision was taken to transfer those officers who were holding one post for more than five years.As per the same guideline,the department Secretary Ajay Kumar Singh prepared a list of 39 officers and sent it to the Minister Mathura Mahto for his approval.

In response,Mahto added the names of 23 officers jacking up their number to 62.Singh raised the objection and sent the file back to Mahto for re consideration.But instead of doing so,he again added the names of 15 more officers raising their number to 77 and sent the file back to him for issuance of the notification.

Singh put his foot down.Result?Due to their stand off,all those corrupt officers who had paid crores for their transfer to the posts of their choice were in dire straits.They were learnt to be loitering around from pillar to post to get their money back.But none of them had succeeded so far.


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