Shocks and fear rent the air at Tetariakhar coal mining area following the Naxal attack there on Friday night.

Reports said that a group of Naxalites had raided Tetariakhar coal project in the Latehar district of Jharkhand and opened fire causing injuries to four persons, the police said on Saturday.

Their attack was rooted in their 'mission' to terrorise the staff, officials and businessmen involved in coal marketing for collection of 'levy'.Since they were not paid levy demanded by them, they launched the attack, said an injured staff of the Tetariakhar coal project.    

Tetariakhar coal project area falls under the jurisdiction of Balumath police station in Latehar district." They opened fire indiscriminately on Friday night when most of the coal project staff were asleep",it is learnt. The Naxalites also set four trucks on fire.

A police team rushed to the spot on hearing the news about the Naxal attack this morning but by the time it reached the Naxalites had fled from the spot.

The injured persons were taken to the Balumath Community Health Centre, 


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