Two officers are in the eye of the storm on COVID -19 vaccination in Koderma district of Jharkhand state where JMM led government is at the helm of affairs.

The enclosed notification issued by two officers of the Jharkhand government in Koderma district has a questionable message threatening government servants to get COVID -19 vaccine  or their salaries will be put on hold.

This message in the form of  “Aadesh”(Order) dated January 16, 2021 was signed by District Training Officer and Chief Medical Officer. It’s copy was passed on to others including Deputy Commissioner, Koderma.

Their order carries a clear instruction that “ Salary will be paid only after submitting the certificate of proof that vaccine was taken by him/ her.”

As per the GoI guidelines, no such order was to be filed by any government servant. If this copy of their order is not fake, Koderma officers can not escape from answering  a question- why did they issue this order?


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