Jharkhand’s Information Technology Department is in search of land to set up Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIIT).

The department’s officials have visited Jamshedpur to find 30 cares of land for the Indian Institute of Information Technology(IIIT).”Two plots of land were shown to its officials.But nothing concrete has emerged so far”,says Jamshedpur Deputy Commissioner Himani Pandey.

So far eight IIITs,one each at Allahabad,Gawalior,Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore,Hyderabad,Bhubneshwar and Jabalapur, focusing on information technology,and established by the government of India with its funds and managed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development,were functional in the country.

Indian Government is likely to approve the IIIT Bill that seeks to give IIITs administrative autonomy and uniformity and set up 20 more such schools on a public-private partnership (PPP) model.

One of these IIIT is supposed to be set up in Jharkhand.The admission in IIITs is through the Joint Enetrance Examination(JEE-Main)

Since the Ranchi district administration failed to provide land for it,the Department went to Jamshedpur to explore it.


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