Making South Eastern Railway a “Scrap Free Railway” is one of the mission areas of this Railway Zone in India today.

SER with its headquarter at Kolkata caters to the states of West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand.

With a view to realise value from sale of unserviceable materials lying along tracks, workshops etc. during this financial year (2020-21), numerous inspections have been carried out and co-ordination meetings have been conducted by Senior Railway Officers to identify and dispose all such items of scrap.

Due to continuous monitoring, South Eastern Railway has achieved Scrap Sale of Rs.125.62 crores during the period from April to December of the current financial year. This has been achieved in spite of lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The scrap lots have been sold on competitive and transparent e-auction platform.

About 12233 metric tonnes of scrap rails, 367 condemned wagons, 141 condemned coaches, 05 condemned locos, 15633 metric tonnes of Depot & other Ferrous Scrap, 1055 metric tonne of non-ferrous scrap etc. released from workshops and maintenance units have been disposed during April to December of this financial year (2020-21).

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