In India, almost 80% of silk comes from the state of Jharkhand. And 50% of this silk production takes place within the Santhal Pargana region of the state. 

As it is, silk production is the source of livelihood for approximately 1.65 lakh families in Jharkhand, according to a statement based report of the Soren government.

“ Despite, such high numbers associated with silk production in the state, Jharkhand has not got the recognition it deserves”, claims a report of the state public relation department after CM Hemant Soren visited a Mayurakshi Silk site in Dumka.

Dumka is the district headquarter of the Santhal Pargana division. It is amongst the highest producers of tasar silk.

 However, it is the neighbouring Bhagalpur district of Bihar is recognised as the Silk City. “Few know that Bhagalpur sources the sulk raw materials from Dumka in Jharkhand itself. This is the reason why Dumka regions in Jharkhand are left behind in terms of recognition, even though its tribal people were early mostly involved in the rearing of tasar cocoons”, points out the same report.

“ Other processes like threading, weaving, dyeing, and printing of Silk are being undertaken which has opened up new vistas of employment generation and raising their income”, the same report adds.

In the past, the BJP government led by the then CM Arjun Munda had promoted Silk products by setting up JHARCRAFT. Though JHARCRAFT is still functional, it lacks competitive and competent leadership to run it at the state and national level.

Now, Hemant Soren government claims to have formulated a new strategy to promote it. In terms of reaping the benefits of livelihood generation which silk production can provide, over 400 women in the same region are being trained to perform the various tasks involved in the process of silk production.

Mayurakshi Silk becomes the source of livelihood for Santhal women.

Today, the 27-year-old is an expert in shaping silk threads and has become a breadwinner for her family. Like her, many women from Scheduled Tribes in Dumka have become self-reliant and are being appreciated for their work in silk threading and art engraving. The route has been laid out by the government which will ensure that Dumka of the Santhal Pargana region will get its due recognition as the Silk City of India in the near future.

Training the youth to become shapers of the silk industry

During the financial year 2019-20, 60 young individuals were selected by the state government to be inducted in a one-year certificate course wherein training was given in sericulture, silk weaving and silk printing.

The state government will support the development of the industry at every step

During his stay at Dumka, Chief Minister Hemant Soren visited the Mayurakshi silk production centre. 

The Chief Minister has instructed the district administration that all resources should be made available by the government to encourage the production of silk. The move will help more people to gain employment and silk production will become a sustainable source of livelihood for the people in this region.


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