*Renovated Platforms at different stations of South Eastern Railway.

One of the key areas of South Eastern Railway is provision of more amenities for the passengers and this railway has been taking major steps in this regard. 

As a part of station development work with a view to ensure comfortable and safe journey of the passengers, emphasis is being given on raising and extension of the platforms, development of circulating areas, provision of new foot over bridges etc. In the Budget of 2021-22, a sum of Rs.173.37 crore has been allotted for Passenger Amenity Works in SER which is 58% more than revised grant of 2020-21.

*Renovated Platforms at different stations of South Eastern Railway.

With a view to ensure safety and to ease the movement of the commuters, New Foot Over Bridges have been completed at six stations over SER jurisdiction viz. Bowaichandi, Bishnupur, Talgoria, Bhowrah, Chakulia and Soro during this financial year (2020-21). Construction work of four more Foot Over Bridges is in progress and nearing completion.

During the current financial year up to January 2021, Platform Raising works have been completed at 11 stations viz. Sardiha, Kalaikunda, Ranchi, Chakradharpur, Lakhannath Road, Panpali, etc. under the jurisdiction of South Eastern Railway. The platform raising work is going on in full swing at four more stations of SER.

*Newly Constructed Foot Over Bridge at Bowaichandi station of SER.

Apart from the above, Platform Surfacing work has also been completed at seven stations viz. Kharagpur, Jharsuguda, Soro, etc. in SER jurisdiction and work at another five stations are in the final stage.

Moreover, Circulating Area Development work has been completed at Kharagpur Station, Platform Extension work has been completed at Lakhannath Road Station and Platform Shelter work has been done at Damodar and Muradih stations during this financial year.

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