In the year 2020, Jharkhand witnessed 4377 road accident cases, which caused 3044 deaths and 3303 people got injured. This means, in Jharkhand on an average almost 10 people die in road accidents every day. 10% of these deaths are related to bystanders or people walking on the road and 07 percent of bicycle riders lost their lives in road accidents.

As per the data released by the Road Safety Authority, 92% of these accidents were caused due to over speeding, 02% of these cases were related to drink and drive, 04% due to driving in the wrong direction and 1% of these accident cases happened during the red light crossing. Out of these accidents, Khunti registered the highest number of cases while Ranchi recorded the 2nd highest cases with Gumla being at number 03. Godda, Pakur and Sahibganj districts reported minimum road accident cases.

During a recently held state-level meeting of the State Road Safety Council Chief Minister Mr Hemant Soren recorded his concern and asked the officials to take every concrete measures to control these deaths. He Said, “Our youth aged between 18-35 years are losing their lives. This is a matter of concern for us. We have to find a solution. At any cost control speeding on roads, highways. Take every measures to reduce the causes of road accidents.”

*Every District of Jharkhand to have trauma centre facility, Soon*

To reduce the number of death cases due to accidents, the government of Jharkhand is planning to establish at least one trauma centre in each district of Jharkhand. At present, a level-1 trauma centre is operational in RIMS Ranchi, whereas 03 level-3 trauma centres are operational at Barhi in Hazaribagh, Nagar Utari in Garhwa & Baharagora in East Singhbhum. 03 more such centres are under construction at Ghatshila, Koderma & Lohardaga. Soon, every district will be equipped with at least one trauma centre with all modern primary treatment facility.

*Maximum accidents - Two wheelers*

In 2020, 39% accidents involved two wheelers, Car, Jeep, Van and Taxi accident accounted for 18% while in 16% Trucks were involved. Express way witnessed only 1% accident while National Highways 39%, State Highways 18%. In terms of area wise accidents 24% in residential area, 2% in educational area, 19% in market area and 55% in other areas.

*Use seat belts and wear Helmets*

As per State Road Safety Council in road accidents chances of loss of life is only 14% if person is wearing a helmet while if he is not wearing the chance of losing life increases to 86%. Similarly, driving car without using seat belt, the possibility of death is 78% while using belt reduces possibility to 22%.
The Government will also constitute Noble Citizen Volunteers Team who will help the victims of road accident esp. providing first aid to the injured and bringing them to the nearest Health Centers. Creation of Noble Citizen self-help group and providing incentives is also being contemplated.

*Road Safety Training facility in schools, Road Safety subject to be incorporated in Syllabus*

The government is also planning to introduce Road Safety as an essential subject in the syllabus of class 06th to 08th. Apart from this, the government is also planning to appoint a road safety nodal trainer in all the Middle Schools, High Schools & Higher Technical Education Institution.

16913 road safety signage boards, 4271-speed limit signage boards and 75996 information signage have been established across the state. At the junctions of NH, State Highways & District Roads 188 blink light stands have been established while 260 more such spots are under the process of being secured through signal light.

*Deployment of Enforcement teams in Districts with a high number of cases and Traffic stress*

Special attention is being given to the districts with high traffic stress. 88 Highway patrol and 168 PCR vans have been deployed in Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Saraikela-kharsawan, Hazaribagh, Ramgarh, Giridih, Dhanbad, Bokaro and Deoghar districts. In times of Road Accident crisis, these teams will act as the Rapid Response Team.

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