TRIFED led by Minister Arjun Munda is continuing to forge partnerships with different organisations to create synergies together, as a part of its ongoing efforts to improve the lives and livelihoods of the tribals and work towards tribal empowerment. 

In this context, TRIFED has tied up with Craft Village-by ZEPHYR, an established organization that works for the training and promotion of Craft Sector.

TRIFED and Craft Village have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding on March 16, 2021. The MoU was exchanged between Ms. Iti Tyagi, Founder, Craft Village and Shri Anupam Trivedi, Executive Director, TRIFED in the presence of Shri Pravir Krishna, Managing Director, TRIFED and senior officials of both organisations. The two organizations have partnered to work jointly towards the overall upliftment of the tribal community in the following areas:

TRIFED and Craft Village will develop diverse ideas that will not only be functional but also be globally appealing. The design development will happen at the Craft Village campus and also at tribal clusters or artisans or artisan groups who will enrol in the same. The products so developed will be marketed by TRIFED using its Tribes India network of physical outlets and online platforms.

The organisations will organize various tribal art and craft workshops and symposiums to inform and sensitize the general public about tribal art and craft forms. 

Additionally the organisations will conduct training and skill development programmes jointly for tribal artisans and craftsperson so that they can develop better products. 

Other aspects of this unique collaboration include the presentation of curated shows at select International Folk Art Markets to help create better economic opportunities for tribal artists. The two organizations also plan to work together to make films on tribal craft culture and cuisine to spread information about these tribal communities. The aim of this collaboration is to develop a customized community-based creative manufacturing system that helps take these products to a global audience.

With the successful implementation of this collaboration, TRIFED hopes to empower the tribal artisans by developing their skills and help in generating income and livelihoods and also get them access to national and international audiences. Through such and other activities, TRIFED is working towards a complete transformation of tribal lives and livelihoods across the country.

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