Among the many initiatives TRIFED has been putting in place to drive tribal commerce is the partnership with Amazon, the large ecommerce retailer that commenced last year. 

This strong, positive development had enabled tribal artisans and sellers display and sell their Tribes India products on the Amazon website, even during the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis last year.

This successful partnership between Tribes India and Amazon is being cemented further now. This was reiterated by Shri Pravir Krishna, Managing Director, TRIFED recently.

The intent behind the building of this relationship is to provide the tribal artisans and producers access to larger markets, national and international through the Amazon platform. 

With an idea to accelerate the growth of tribal owned and run handicraft business, and promote the exquisite skills of the tribal master craftsmen and women, now all regional offices of TRIFED will be listing their products on the e-commerce site. 

From attractive artefacts such as paintings be it in the Warli style or Patachitras; from jewellery handcrafted in the Dokra style to bead necklaces from the Wancho and Konyak tribes of the North-East to the rich and vibrant textiles and silks such as Kota Dariya and Chanderi; from colourful puppets and children’s toys such as the famed Jhabua dolls made by the Bhils in Madhya Pradesh and the coir toys from Kerala; to traditional weaves Dongria shawls and Bodo weaves; from metal craft to bamboo products; all these will be available on Amazon. 

Taking the Prime Minister’s message forward to “Be Vocal for Local” and also promote tribal livelihoods, TRIFED is following a multi-pronged approach. In addition to the expansion of its retail operations through the country, it is also sourcing more unique tribal products, both handicrafts and natural produce and enhancing its offline and online product range. 

Its latest outlet, the 131st, a new flagship store, in a prime location in Jabalpur has been inaugurated on March 25, 2021. 

An ideal one-stop destination, the Tribes India catalogue currently includes tribal products from across the country – both natural produce and handicrafts and handlooms reflecting the tribal ways of life. 

Also, keeping in mind the festive fervour which is slowly building up with Holi round the corner, an exclusive Holi collection has been added to the Tribes India range. 

A wide variety of items ranging from bright kurtas for men and women, waistcoats and jackets in different types of weaves and styles, beautiful, colourful sarees, dresses and stoles in various traditions such as Maheshwari, Chanderi, Bagh, Kantha, Bhandara, Tussar, Sambhalpuri and Ikat form a part of the Holi collection.

 The Holi collection also showcases natural, herbal products such as organic gulal, organic soaps, shampoos, herbal oil packs. Sherbets, squashes, dry fruits such as cashew and and varieties of honey form a part of this exclusive collection. Beautiful metal work, handcrafted bowls in the dokra craft tradition are also available for keeping organic colours and dry fruits and other snacks in. 

All these are in line with its efforts to promote the livelihoods and empower tribals through marketing and development to tribal produce and products These tribal products, both handcrafted items and organic produce, form good gift options. 

They can be customised into attractive and customisable gift packs and hampers, depending on the requirements and budget. These gift hampers can are packaged in premium organic, recyclable, sustainable packing material, designed by renowned designer Ms. Rina Dhaka exclusively for Tribes India, making them suitable for any occasion. 

Do check out your nearest Tribes India outlet or as you prepare for the festival of colour and joy.

Abki Holi Tribes India Wali! 

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