Keeping in view the demand of the passengers, it has been decided to extend 08181/08182 Tatanagar-Chhapra-Tatanagar Special up to Thawe w.e.f 12.04.2021 from Tatanagar and w.e.f 14.04.2021 from Thawe.

08181 Tatanagar-Thawe Special leaving Tatanagar at 21.25 hrs will arrive Thawe at 18.10 hrs the next day.

In the opposite direction, 08182 Thawe-Tatanagar Special leaving Thawe at 10.10 hrs will arrive Tatanagar at 06.20 hrs the next day.

The train will also stop at Siwan station between Chhapra and Thawe.

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