Amid the government's tackling of the spiraling Covid-19 infection rates and dwindling vaccine stocks, embarrassing scenes of inept last-mile connectivity unfolded today at the Patna airport: A transport vehicle dedicated to delivering vials of Covishield to a storage centre at the Nalanda Medical College Hospital (NMCH), broke down just as it was leaving the airport, reports

The same report adds:”The special vehicle, "Vaccine Express", was carrying close to nine lakh doses, officials said. However, it failed to start as its battery had died down, leaving the state health department employees accompanying it red-faced.”

"The van carries 89,689 vials. Each vial contains 10 doses. We will be taking it to the storage centre at NMCH," Mukesh Kumar, a pharmacist who was accompanying the consignment, told reporters. "I am not the authorised person to speak about these matters," he said.

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