A traditional organic method to make alive polluted and dying water only to confront and overcome multiple challenges posed by Climate Change.What?

A man from the roots of Ranchi has gained fame world wide by showcasing Vedic knowledge about water.

In fact,what has gained attention of JharkhandStateNews are these fine natural organic products used by him to clean scores of polluted water bodies across India including Ranchi.

In Ranchi, there are two man - made ponds at Oxygen park.Both were carrying highly polluted and almost dead water without any living body.In presence of a number of eminent citizens such as Dr S. Kumar, Santosh Satapathy and Manoj Prasad,he used these organic elements.Within a week, the water of both these ponds got cleaned.Fish and birds started playing games there.This was in 2017-18. 

Now, one of his videos uploaded years ago showing him lecturing on water was re -loaded again by no other entity, but by YouTube itself,perhaps in view of its demand and significance, it is learnt.

Kudos to Madhukar Swayambhu,author of many articles on water,a recipient of honourable award handed over to him by Jal Shakti Ministry,recognising him as Water Hero, who is validated  as Global Top 3 Author by Smart Water Magazine (Spain).

Watch and hear Madhukar Swayambhu in this video. Enjoy.



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