COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in India making the entire country one of the worst-hit nations affected by the deadly virus. 

The new wave of coronavirus has hit the country and the situation is alarming. Amidst the chaos there's a new study which has come into light regarding COVID. 

Lancet report submitted six experts from US, England and Canada says that coronavirus is now affecting people by air. 

As per the experts, there's proper evidence to prove the fact that COVID-19 actually spreads through the air and therefore, based on the lancet report, the COVID security protocol needs to change this is what most scientists are believing in.

Here are the 10 reasons stated in Lancet report which talks about COVID-19 spreading through the air. Take a look:

As per the experts, COVID-19 is sufficiently dispersed through a superspreading event. The factors like people interacting with each other, size and ventilation of a room generate sufficient evidence that coronavirus is an airborne disease. And it cannot be considered as the droplast or fomite.
COVID-19 also infected people who were residing in rooms adjacent to one another during quarantine. Although the people did not have any contact with the infected person yet the cases of contracting the virus came into light which again brings the question of COVID-19 transmission through air.
in 33 to 59% of the cases patients who are not coughing or sneezing might also be responsible for the presymptomatic or asymptomatic transmission of the virus.
Experts suggest that the spread of COVID-19 is happening more indoor than outdoor. Yes, they have further stated that if the ventilation is there then probability of contracting the disease is lesser.
PPT kits in hospitals which mostly the doctor use are failing to protect them from the virus. This again proves that corona can be spread through air. 
According to scientists, the COVID-19 virus has found to be staying in the air for about 3 hours. This researched was conducted through taking the samples from near the cars and rooms of the infected patients. 
COVID-19 cases infected through air have also been reported after the patients made use of air filtres. This is one more reason for COVID-19 spread.
Animals in the COVID-19 infected cages are showing the symptoms of the deadly virus. And as per scientists, this can only be possible through air duct. 
As per the experts, there is no full-proof evidence that can state that the spread of coronavirus is not possible through the air. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons to support that COVID transmission can be airborne. 
Scientists suggest that there has been a rather rare or little evidence of COVID-19 virus spreading through Respiratory Droplets or Foamite and there have been cmparatively more reasons which support that coronavirus is being spread through other means. 

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