With the Union Cabinet recommending the President’s Rule in Jharkhand while keeping the Assembly in suspended animation,search for the Governor’s Advisors has begun.

This is the third time Jharkhand has come under the President’s rule since it was created in 2000.

This time the President’s rule became inevitable after the 28-month old Arjun Munda government fell following withdrawal of support by the JMM and no other party of any coalition of parties staked claim to form the government.

After the Governor Syed Ahmad made a recommendation in this regard,the Union Cabinet met and gave nod to his recommendation.

Now,while the Union Cabinet’s decision was to be okayed by the President Pranab Mukherjee,the search for the President’s Advisors have begun.As per the law,there are expected to be three Advisors.

Among those whose names floating in the air for the top posts were;Ex DGP RR Prasad,Ex Chief Secys VS Dubey,AK Singh and RR Prasad,former Secretary T.Nandkumar and G.Krishnan.

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