Under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr Hemant Soren, the state government is continuously combating Covid19. The efforts made by the state government are now showing results in terms of declining cases of Covid19 infection. 

However, the threat is still not averted and citizens will have to take every precaution to curb the spread of this virus. From 14 May 2021, the state government is going to start a free vaccination drive for people falling under 18 - 45 years of age.

*Vaccine Distribution across different districts of Jharkhand*

As of 10 May 2021 4,14, 340 doses of Covaxin and 2,34,400 doses of Covishield are available in the state, which was provided by the central government to Jharkhand. 

For Ranchi district, where there is the highest number of Covid19 cases in the state, additional 1,34,400 doses of Covaxine and 100,000 doses of Covishield have been made available from the state government quota.

Below is the district-wise vaccine allocation data which will be available for the vaccination.

Dist Covaxin Covshield Total
Bokaro 2630, 4230, 6860
Chatra 6600, 8130 14730
Deoghar 4570, 12760, 17330
Dhanbad 20410 2860 23270
Dumka 24620 15290 39910
East Singhbhum 5320, 4320, 9640
Garhwa 8240, 8960, 17200
Giridih 23190, 9150 32340
Godda 9280, 7580, 16860
Gumla 12070, 3130, 15200
Hazaribagh 19480, 7230, 26710
Jamtara 6280, 6530, 12810
Khunti 15820, 4490, 20310

Koderma 5370, 5980, 11350
Latehar 3850, 7400, 11250
Lohardaga 11430, 7330, 18760
Pakur 10670, 6230, 16900
Palamu 32510, 7220, 39730
Ramgarh 680, 4890, 5570 Ranchi 9110, 7030, 16140
Sahibganj 8370, 7620, 15990
Seraikela Kharsawan 700, 1260, 1960
West Singhbhum 9960, 3690, 13650
Ranchi 1,34,400, 100,000, 2,34, 400(state quota)

*Citizens will have to come forward for the vaccination drive*

The state government is starting a vaccination campaign for people aged 18 to 44 from 14 May 2021. Preparations are in full swing to achieve the maximum vaccination target. So far, about 30 thousand people in the age group of 18 to 44 have already registered for vaccination.

In urban areas including Ranchi, Bokaro, Dhanbad there is a lot of enthusiasm about vaccination among people and they are coming forward for registration but there are many districts where there is still no awareness about vaccination among people. The government is putting every effort to make people aware of the benefits of the vaccine.

*Vaccination awareness campaign in tribal languages*

The government is putting ads in newspapers, social media and other communication mediums to achieve desired results. Also, apart from Hindi language ads, the government is promoting vaccination awareness drives in tribal languages including Santhali, Mundari, Ho,etc.

Members of Sakhi Mandal groups are also campaigning in the rural areas to make people aware of the vaccination. The Chief Minister himself has got the vaccine administered and is appealing to the people of the state to come forward and get vaccinated. On numerous occasions he has said, the vaccine is completely safe and will not cause any harm.


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