Twenty-six Jharkhand migrant workers stuck in Nepal due to COVID-induced lockdown there on Saturday reached the India-Nepal border and boarded a bus for their home in Dumka, a top official said.

These migrant workers from Jharkhand, engaged in a project in Nepal by Larsen & Toubro, through a contractor, had been stranded due to lockdown in the Himalayan country to rein in coronavirus surge and had been sending SOS messages including video messages to the Jharkhand government for rescue.

The workers reached Viratnagar on the Bihar-Nepal border and boarded the bus to travel to Dumka, around 245 km away. "Our worker brothers have reached the India-Nepal border. Soon they will depart for Dumka.Team of officers and paramedics are at Viratnagar on Bihar-Nepal border to bring them home safely.


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