* Maintenance Work in SER jurisdiction before Monsoon Season

South Eastern Railway has adopted different precautionary measures before the onset of monsoon with a view to ensure the safety of passengers and maintain disruption-free services.

All the four Divisions of S E Railway i.e. Kharagpur, Adra, Chakradharpur and Ranchi have undertaken different safety related maintenance works to minimise the effects of heavy rainfall on train service during the monsoon period. 

Railway Engineers and other concerned staff are taking necessary measures to tackle any flood like situation near railway track and maintain smooth train operation.

Track maintenance work is being given top most priority and special patrolling of Railway Track has been planned during the monsoon season for safe train operation. A close watch is being kept on railway bridges and points and signals are under constant monitoring to prevent flooding due to heavy rain.

With a view to prevent water logging on tracks, obstructions like silt, vegetation etc. has been cleared from catch water and side drains. 

Patrolling and watchmen teams have been planned for deployment at vulnerable points to adopt remedial measures if there is accumulation of water on railway track. Probable spots where water logging may take place have been identified for early action in case there is heavy rain. Pumps have been installed for prompt drainage of excess water.

During monsoon times special patrolling is being arranged specially in vulnerable locations round the clock. The bridges and tunnels are always kept on watch. 

To tackle any emergency situation during the forthcoming monsoon, sufficient quantity of monsoon reserve materials viz. boulders, sand, cinder, quarry dust, ballast etc. have been kept in stock by SER. The engineering relief vans along with equipments have been kept in readiness at strategic points.

South Eastern Railway is also in constant touch with Meteorological Department and if any adverse weather condition is reported, preparations have been taken to mobilize men and materials to tackle the situation.


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