Unlike the past, this year National Doctor’s Day is being celebrated amid the unlocking of lockdown 2 across the country.

As Corona warriors, many doctors - over 800 plus, especially from Bihar and Delhi, gave supreme sacrifices by serving Covid patients and getting affected in turn.

These deaths that the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has counted in the second wave of Covid-19 this year. An analysis of a state-wide registry of doctors who died of Covid-19 is still on.

As it is, every year National Doctor’s Day is observed to recognise the invaluable work done by doctors and physicians and thank them for their dedicated service. “ We salute our honourable doctors for their works toward life-saving service to humanity”, said a Ghanshyaam Mistri, a rickshaw puller.

Mistri’s life was saved by doctors of Sadar hospital Ranchi due to timely treatment provided to him. He suffered from Corona positivity infection and hospitalised only to get cured there. He is not an isolated case.

Hundreds of them beat up Corona, survived. They were leading normal life across the country.” We have great regards for doctors who always put their patients first and do their best to gift health to their patients”, said Manoj Prasad, Editor, JharkhandStateNews.

As a way of recognising doctors’  efforts, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) observed the first National Doctor’s day in July 1991. In India, this day also marks the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy who was one of the most renowned physicians in the country. This year, the day seeks to thank all doctors and medical professionals for their service against the fight against the Corona pandemic.

According to IMA, National Doctor’s Day of 2021is of prime importance, and it encourages every member of IMA and the local branch to take a lead in their area to fight the virus.


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