For the first time in Jharkhand, the government appears to be working with an approach towards the issues of workers and labourers. 

On the instructions of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, the State Migrant Control Room has been continuously working towards resolving their issues. 

“From bringing back the trapped workers from other states to helping them to get their outstanding salaries and solving other allied issues. During the spread of the novel coronavirus in the last two years, these workers/labourers had to face hard times”, said a  senior officer.

In fact, workers were compelled to return to their homes. In this situation, the state government came into action and brought them back from other states through aeroplanes, trains & buses. Few migrants who were struck across the border were also brought back to their homes.

*Getting the cooperation of the department*

During the COVID lockdown period -27 March 2020 to 31 October 2021 a total of 9, 66, 393 workers had returned to Jharkhand. Even after the lockdown, the State Migrant Control Room is active and bringing stranded workers back. 1,58,652 workers of Giridih returned home during the said period, which is the highest among all the districts.

In addition, 1,09,438 workers of Palamu, 78,539 of Garhwa, 78,414 workers of Hazaribagh, 69,752 workers of Godda, 42,932 workers of Koderma, 36,293 of West Singhbhum, 35,455 workers of Bokaro and 35,317 workers of Chatra have returned home. Apart from these, workers from other districts have also returned to their homes.

*Keeping an eye on the condition of the workers*

The State Migrant Control Room and FIA Foundation are monitoring the condition of these workers. According to the information received from the control room, these workers had to face many problems. Many of them were suffering from illness, many faced harassment, few of them were not getting their wages & remuneration. 

With the efforts of the department, Rs 84,84,647/- was provided to these workers in different incidences against their dues. In Khunti district more than Rs 14,52,420/- were paid back to the workers whereas in Ranchi Rs 11,06,600/-, in Giridih Rs 6,41,900/-, in Garhwa Rs.4,11,377 and Rs 4,61,100 were paid back to the workers of Godda. Apart from this, the workers of other districts have also received their pending compensation. Aso, the government is helping workers in getting legal aids in other states.

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