The investigation into the case raises a question on the credibility of the CBI. It seems that the agency is now tired of the case and wants to quit the investigation, which is why it is making up stories so that the accused are not charged with murder. The probe is going in such a direction that it appears that the CBI is trying to protect the accused," 

This is the observation of the Jharkhand High Court on the CBI, the country’s top investigating agency probing the murder of Dhanbad judge Uttam Anand.

The court also observed  stating that “the agency was trying to quit the investigation and even protect the accused.”

The division bench of Chief Justice Ravi Ranjan and Justice S N Prasad, while reading the report of the narco-analysis test of the two accused, on Friday had said that when the auto-driver and his accomplice knew that Anand was a judge before hitting him, how could the CBI come up with the theory of murder for robbing a mobile phone? 

The court clearly rejected the CBI's theory and said that the agency has failed to get down to the bottom of the matter.

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