There is a fascinating mystery called “Baan Stambh” in the ancient Somnath Temple of Gujarat. On the south side of the temple, overlooking the sea is a pillar called “Baan Stambh”. 

An arrow is built on the top of the pillar which points towards the sea. The existence of this pillar is mentioned in some ancient books from the 6th century.

There is an inscription carved on the pillar in Sanskrit - “आसमुद्रांत दक्षिण ध्रुव,पर्यंत अबाधित ज्योर्तिमार्ग'”. (“There is no earth terrain from this point of the sea to the South Pole).

Now consider the fact. If you start travelling from Somnath Mandir towards the South, you will indeed not find any mountain or piece of land until you reach the South Pole (Antarctica).

The nearest land towards the South Pole is nearly 10,000 KM away.

So the mystery is - how did our ancestors know this fact in the 6th century? 

Did they have an aerial map of the earth? What degree of knowledge of Astronomy, Geography, Mathematics and indeed Maritime Sciences they must have had! Our ancient Indian heritage is indeed a marvel!

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