As per the official statistics of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA), the Average Wholesale Price of Urad Dal as reported on 25.02.2022 is Rs. 9410.58 per quintal. It was Rs. 9904.39 per quintal on 25.02.2021, a drop of 4.99%. 

Similarly, the Average Wholesale Price of Urad Dal as reported on 24.02.2022 is Rs. 9444.06 per quintal, which was Rs. 9896.95 per quintal on 24.02.2021, a drop of 4.58%.

In May 2021 advisories were issued to States/UTs to monitor prices of essential food commodities and to ensure disclosure of pulses stocks held by millers, importers and traders under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. 

Imposition of stock limit on all pulses except Moong was notified on 02.07.2021. Thereafter, an amended order was issued on 19.07.2021 imposing stock limits on four pulses, namely, Tur, Urad, Masur, Chana for a period up to 31.10.2021.

To improve availability and to stabilize the prices of pulses, the Government has allowed the import of Tur, Urad, and Moong under the ‘Free category’ w.e.f May 15, 2021, till October 31, 2021, in order to ensure smooth and seamless imports. The Free regime in respect of import of Tur and Urad was thereafter extended till March 31, 2022. 

This policy measure has been supported with facilitation measures and close monitoring of its implementation by the concerned Departments/organization. The import policy measures have resulted in a substantial increase in import of Tur, Urad, and Moong as compared to the corresponding period for the past two years.


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