Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghan migrants mingle with Ukrainian refugee flows trying to enter the EU. The flow of refugees from Ukraine is not decreasing, only changing its character. Thousands of Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan, or Kurdish migrants who previously entered Belarus to enter Europe last year are now mingling with the Ukrainian refugee flows headed into Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. 

Thousands of Iraqi refugees, Syrians, Kurds, or Africans, almost exclusively men, are described trying to enter Poland, according to French newspaper Progress. In addition, many of them are attempting to pass themselves off as international students in Ukraine in an attempt to enter Poland and other nations reports the French paper.

Many of them have been pushed back since they have no documentation proving their connection with Ukraine, but many thousands have already made it into the EU….

Poland alone says it is expecting 1 million refugees to cross the border, and many millions more may cross at different points into other nations. 

Migrants from Middle Eastern and African countries will undoubtedly see the moment as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use Ukraine as a gateway into Europe. Many countries with strict immigration policies, such as Hungary, have indicated that they will open the border to all refugees from Ukraine, including those from third countries.

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