In the office of profit case, Jharkhand Governor Ramesh Bais has disqualified Hemant Soren, who is Chief Minister of Jharkhand, as MLA of the Jharkhand Assembly.

The office of the Jharkhand Governor is apprising the Election Commission of India which is expected to notify it.

Once ECI notifies it, Soren will have two options. One, resign and get his successor selected. If he does so, he can adopt the Lalu Yadav model making his wife Rabri Devi CM and make his wife Kalpana Soren as CM.

Two, he moves the court against the Jharkhand Governor and ECI’s recommendation to disqualify him on the office of profit case.

In any case, in Ranchi, Soren has convened a meeting of MLAs of his party JMM, and its allies to explore his next course of action.

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