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Forget Jharkhand for a moment.Think of Karnataka.

A non government body- Karnataka Election Watch (KEW)- has analyzed the self-sworn affidavits of 218 out of the 223 newly elected MLAs in the Karnataka 2013 Assembly Elections. The following are the highlights of the analysis.

As many as 43 re-elected MLAs of INC have shown an average asset increase of Rs 17.57 crores, their assets have increased from Rs 29.64 crore in 2008 to 47.21 crores in 2013.

Similarly for 30 MLAs of BJP the average asset increase is Rs 6.47 crores (Rs 7.37 crores in 2008 to Rs 13.84 crores in 2013).

12 re-elected MLAs of JD(S) have shown an average increase in assets of Rs 13.35 crores (from Rs 7.32 crores in 2008 to Rs 20.67 crores in 2013).

2 re-elected MLAs of BSRC showed an increase of Rs 11.85 crores (from Rs 10.40 crores in 2008 to Rs 22.25 crores in 2013).

3 re-elected IND MLAs have shown an increase of Rs. 4.54 crores, while 1 each re-elected MLAs of KJP and SP showed an increase of Rs 4.01 crores and Rs. 9.51 crores respectively.

Highest growth In Assets in 5 years (2008-2013):

The maximum growth in assets has been for D. K. Shivakumar of INC from Kanakapura Constituency. He has declared an increase of Rs. 175.9 crore i.e from Rs. 75.5 Crore in 2008 to Rs. 251 Crore in 2013.

Assets of Priyakrishna of INC from Govindrajnagar have increased by Rs 143.36 Crore, i.e. from Rs. 767.6 crore in 2008 to Rs 910.9 Crore in 2013. Assets of Santhosh Lad of INC from Kalaghatgi Constituency have risen by Rs 124.8 Crore, from Rs 61.5 Crore in 2008 to Rs 186.4 Crore in 2013.

There was decline in assets too

3 re-elected MLAs have shown a decrease in their assets from 2008 to 2013. They are: Pratapgowda Patil of INC from Maski Constituency with a decrease of 58% (from Rs. 94.18 lakhs in 2008 to 39.75 lakhs in 2013) followed by C.T. Ravi of BJP from Chickmagalur Constituency with 54% decrease in assets (from Rs.7.85 crores in 2008 to 3.59 crores in 2013) and S. Muniraju of BJP from Dasarahalli with 32% decrease in assets (from Rs. 20.12 crores in 2008 to 13.75 crores in 2013)

Financial:Crorepati MLAs:93% or 203 MLAs out of the 218 analyzed are crorepatis. In 2008, 63% MLAs were crorepatis.

Party Wise Crorepati MLAs:95% or 112 out of 118 MLAs analyzed of INC are crorepatis followed by 93% or 37 out of 40 MLAs analyzed of BJP and 95% or 36 out of 38 MLAs analyzed of JD (S) are crorepatis.

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