Maruti Kumari has succumbed to burnt injuries. She had died inside the ambulance while it was on its way from Dumka-based Phulo Jhano hospital to Ranchi-based RIMS today, it is learnt.

Last night she was burnt alive by her married boyfriend Rajesh Raut. She was admitted to Phulo Jhano hospital in Dumka. 

Today, in view of her “ critical” condition Phulo Jhano hospital doctors referred her for treatment at RIMS, Ranchi.” On the way she died in the ambulance”, said a doctor who claimed to be aware of her death.

The FIR filed at Jarmundi police station states that the boyfriend turned-accused is Rajesh Raut and his girlfriend cum victim is Maruti Kumar.


Investigations revealed that both were in love affairs since 2019. Early this year Rajesh Raut got married. Alongside her parents were busy exploring a boy to get her married.

As per the statement recorded by Maruti’s parents, Rajesh Raut intervened and told her that he will also get married to her. “ If you decline,I will burn you to death”, Raut had threatened.

Maruti Kumari’s death has rocked Dumka again.

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