Any intermediate-passed science student, who is interested in selecting a career in the technical field of cybersecurity, has an option. He can get admitted at  Cyber Vidyapeeth, an institution offering online Cyber Security Training and Education course in Ranchi.

As per its website, Cyber VidyPeeth’s “CyberVersity is on a mission to create 1 Million Cyber Rakshaks for India over the next five years.”

Though its headquarter is based at VILLA-682, Sector-21C, Faridabad, Haryana, India, Cyber Vidyapeeth which is linked with Centre for Tele z infrastructure ( CTIF) that is, now known as Core Tele Infrastructure, has connectivity with Aarhus University, Birk Centerpark 40,7400 Herbing, Denmark.

In Ranchi, the first online University Cyber Vidyapeeth was inaugurated by Ramji Prasad who is considered a promoter of ‘Role of Cyber Rakshak in Connected World and Resource Group’, associated with CTIF Global, Denmark.

Since cybercrime has shown an upward trend across the world, including Jharkhand in India, the course offered by this institution is considered a need of the hour for several institutions including the police and security forces. As such, it’s educated and trained Cyber Rakshaks can keep an eye on cybercriminals.

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