Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s letter requesting him to re-evaluate and re-examine the Forest Conservation Rules, 2022, Chief Minister Hemant Soren told him to protect the natural rights and consent of indigenous tribal communities.

In his letter, CM Soren has sought to apprise PM Modi of “the plight of the indigenous communities of the state who are known to worship nature in various forms and the ones who will be severely impacted by the Forest Conservation Rules 2022.”

In his letter to PM Modi, CM Soren stated that in the new notification of 2022, the mandatory requirements of obtaining the prior consent of the Gram Sabha for utilizing forest land for non-forestry purposes has been shockingly obliterated. 

“This has created a situation where once forest clearance is granted everything else becomes a mere formality and the state government finds itself under even greater pressure from the centre to accelerate the diversion of forest land.”

The Chief Minister has laid emphasis on sustainable practices and defended the rights of the tribals.
The CM has laid special emphasis on the fact that an estimated 200 million people across India depend on forests for their primary livelihood, and around 100 million people live on land classified as forests. 

In his letter, CM Soren adds;” These new rules will end up uprooting the rights of these people who have called the forests their homes for generations. It is the need of the hour to employ sustainable practices so that we can collectively embark on the path of progress with inclusivity as the core idea.”

Also, CM Soren has urged PM Modi to relook at the Forest Conservation Rules 2022 and maintain systems and procedures that protect the rights of the tribals and forest communities in the country.”

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