The protest demanding a CBI probe into the murder of Hindu leader Kamal Deo Giri was relaunched today when a bandh was observed in Chakradharpur.

All shops in Chakradharpur railway town remained shut. The protester comprising residents and family members of the deceased Giri were sitting on dharna demanding a CBI probe.

Responding to the bandh called by residents of Chakradharpur, police personnel were deployed across the town in civil dress.

Sub Divisional Officer Reena Hansda was seen moving around the town. The businessmen had closed shops and marketplaces in support of the deceased family.

However, medical shops and petrol pumps remained open. The traffic remained normal.

On November 11, Hindu leader Kamal Deo Giri was killed brutally in the marketplace near Bharat Bhawan in Chakradharpur. A bomb was exploded and he was shot from a close distance. The police arrested nine persons including one Satish Pradhan. They were jailed.

However, the parents of the deceased claim that the police instead of arresting murderers were saving them. “ The arrested persons are not the culprits”, said Somnath Giri, a relative of late Kamal Deo Giri.

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