Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances is conducting a series of 13 National Good Governance Webinars, one webinar a month on different themes, on the last Friday of every month, over the year 2022-2023, starting with the first Webinar on 28.04.2022 on the theme ‘Improving Public Service Delivery’. 

The Webinars have been planned in compliance of the of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s address on the occasion of Civil Services Day, 2022, that virtual Sessions of 1-1.5 Hours should be conducted with the award winners as the Lead Speakers, to disseminate the best practices. 


The purpose of the Webinars is to highlight and disseminate the best practices and sharing of experiences of the award-winning initiatives to facilitate replication by other States/Districts.  DCs/ DMs of all States/ UTs, Senior Officers of Government of India and State and Trainees of Administrative Training Institutes participate in the Webinars.

A specific theme/sector is taken up in each month, in which two award winners are invited to present their experiences.  Nine (9) Webinars have been held till December, 2022 on the themes ‘Improving Public Service Delivery’ (28.04.2022); ‘Health’ (27.05.2022); ‘Aspirational District Programme’ (24.06.2022); ‘Public Grievance Redressal’(29.07.2022), ‘Environment’ (26.08.2022), ‘Public Service Delivery’(30.09.2022), ‘Public Participation (Jan Bhagidari) through Swachh Bharat Mission’ (28.10.2022); ‘Innovation’ (25.11.2022) and ‘Jal/ Water Management’ (30.12.2022). 

The Webinar Series has been a very successful programme of DARPG with very wide participation of 700-1200 Participants in different Webinars and is expected to disseminate and help in replication of the best governance practices across India.

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