The rail chakka jam on tracks at Bamda railway station in Odisha falling under South Eastern Chakradharpur railway division, has affected railway traffic.

Several trains were stranded in different railway stations covered by Chakradharpur division, reports reaching Ranchi said.

For instance, the Howrah- Mumbai Central zone was affected. At different locations, passengers travelling by different trains were reportedly facing untold miseries.

Many passengers have been awaiting the arrival of trains at several other railway stations on these tracks.

And protesters were sitting on tracks at Bamda railway station in Odisha demanding that stoppage of all those trains that used to stop at Bamda during the Corona lockdown period must continue now and in the future.

They had raised this demand by writing to concerned railway authorities but in vain. The protesters were still sitting on tracks while Railway Protection Force jawans looked the other was as they awaited order from the “ top authorities.”


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