This is no doubt a very disturbed period in the history of the world. 

We have an ongoing war in Europe, the epicentre of the last two world wars, which has dragged the US and the whole of Europe into it militarily; the whole world economically. We could be at the brink of disaster.

In our immediate neighbourhood, Pakistan is on the edge of a precipice. Its economy is devastated, its politics in fragments, its population demoralized. Add to that a playground of varying terrorist groups in a background of disgruntled Baluchs, Pashtuns, Sindhis and the tortured and tormented population of POK. It is showing signs of becoming a second Afghanistan. It took some 50 years for Afghanistan to deteriorate into chaos. Pakistan has crossed that time frame. And they have the bomb! 

Ambitious but 'hollow' China, led by a megalomaniac, is not only a threat to India but the whole world.

Looking inside, I am sure every Indian is extremely worried in what is happening in two border states of India - Punjab and Bengal - and the 'secular' state of Kerala. 

Then we have our opposition parties, whose ONLY aim is to somehow destroy Mr Modi. Keenly joining in this endeavour are the leftists (or whatever is left of them), the English media, some people in the judiciary, and hordes of disgruntled ex-bureaucrats, judges, and military officers. Freebies are being justified destroying all budgeting norms. I have not heard of a SINGLE good suggestion from any of these on any development or growth issue. A disgruntled, unimaginative, armchair, gang of theorists, capable of nothing good - the doomsters. Have you ever seen any opposition leader organising a relief operation, a community langar for the poor, donating just one of his several houses to house the destitute in winter? Obviously, no. They are busy in caste census issues, stupid and irrelevant religious debates, and denigration of India and Indians.

We made blunders many times in the past. Prithviraj was ditched by Jaichand; no other king supported Rana Pratap; Gwalior kings ditched Rani Jhansi; Gandhi and Nehru eased out Subhash first, then Patel; Shashtri was killed; people of India foolishly threw out one of the tallest leader and statesmen like Vajpayee in 2004. And we know the consequences of each of these blunders. Arabs, Afghans, Mughals got in first. Then the British. A matter which could have been settled (so scared were the British in 1857) got postponed for another 90 years. Subhash leading the freedom struggle from within and without would have got us a 'respectable' freedom ten years earlier. Nehru instead of Patel as the first PM of India took us on the infamous 3% growth by burdening us with the Nehru dynasty for 60 years, entailing the culture of sycophancy, committed bureaucracy, and corruption. 

We really became free in our minds only in 2014. India is no longer a colonial pet of the 'Commonwealth' British or a vassal of the West. We think for ourselves and do for ourselves. And as I have time and again repeated it was the contribution of one leader: Narendra Damodar Modi. 

Not BJP, not RSS, not his Ministers, not his bureaucrats. Take Modi away and the rest would collapse as a house of cards like the Congress. 

Don't let this opportunity slip away country (men). We have paid heavily for past blunders by betraying Subhash and Patel. Let's not commit one more blunder. It's a question of life and death of our nation, motherland -Bharat, I promise you. You will be proud of your decision one day. 

*Note: Prabeer Basu is the writer, columnist, and ex-civil servant

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