1. I am glad to be present here on the occasion of the Inaugural Ceremony of the India International Mega Trade Fair jointly organised by the Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries, the Bengal Chamber and G.S. Marketing Associates.

2. I have been informed that in this trade fair, many countries & Indian states are participating by their products. It will be an opportunity for the buyers to select & buy, among diverse products originated from different origins, under a single roof. It is an opportunity to connect with stakeholders and potential partners and build strong business relationships that will benefit both parties in the long run. 

3.  International trade fairs offer a unique opportunity to countries and businesses to showcase and increase the business of their products. Also, it helps consumers and traders to be aware of the current global designs, trends and latest innovations happening in respective fields.

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4.  Ours is a composite society with various beliefs, sects, castes and social status. This is indeed remarkable that fairs of different content, concept and tastes are being held at one destination. It shows how things are mutually correlated. 

5. It is commendable that so many segments like International & National Home & Decor, Finance, Furniture and Interior, lifestyle, electronics, Automobiles, healthcare, handicrafts and handlooms are covered in this mega fair. Such event marks a significant milestone in the economic growth of our state.  

6. For these dynamic initiatives, I would like to congratulate The Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Bengal Chamber and G. S. Marketing Associates, the trade fair organizers for their efforts. 

7.  In the current challenging market conditions, it is imperative for all businesses to show greater strength and courage to fight all odds to succeed in this competitive market.

8. Our most respected Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji has also given a big thrust to promote start-ups in our country.‘Make In India” is also a great initiative taken to make our country self-reliant. 

9.  I am sure that as the outcome of this trade fair, the opportunities for the establishment, growth and expansion of businesses will strengthen the economic bonds between all participating countries and states.

10. I hope, this platform, will provide an ideal opportunity for exhibitors to develop trust and confidence with their business counterparts and customers. Among other benefits, these fairs provide business houses and individuals a face-to-face meeting point, which is seen as a perfect cost-effective means for achieving trade objectives.

11.    The State of Jharkhand is rich in mining & natural resources. There is ample scope for investment and developmental works. I am glad to mention that the people of Jharkhand are constantly working hard and striving to take the state to the economic forefront of the country.

12. Tradition, art, culture, and heritage have been synonymous not only with India but with Jharkhand as well. The blend of rich cultural heritage and progressive economy are making Jharkhand an ideal place for investors all around the world. As consumption grows, industry will thrive and the job market will also open its arms. 

​In the end, I wish that more & more such initiatives are undertaken by the Chambers and hope for the growth of trade & commerce in our Jharkhand.

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