The implementation of the FASTag system for toll collection in India has been a resounding success, with a consistent growth trajectory. 

On 29th April 2023, the daily toll collection through FASTag system achieved a historic milestone, reaching an all-time high collection of Rs. 193.15 crore, with 1.16 crore transactions recorded in a single day.

Since FASTag was mandated by the Government in February 2021, the number of toll plazas under FASTag programme has increased from 770 to 1,228, including 339 state toll plazas. With a penetration rate of around 97 percent and over 6.9 crore FASTag issued to users, the system has significantly improved the user experience by reducing waiting times at NH Fee Plazas.

The consistent and progressive adoption of the FASTag by highway users has not only enhanced the efficiency of toll operations but also led to a more precise valuation of road assets, attracting further investment in India's highway infrastructure.

In addition to its effectiveness in toll collection, FASTag has also facilitated seamless and secure contactless payment for parking fees at over 140 parking lots in 50+ cities across India.

The Government remains steadfast in its commitment to provide a seamless and hassle-free tolling experience for all road users. In this context, NHAI is actively working towards finalizing the necessary requirements for implementation of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based tolling system for allowing free-flow tolling system in India.

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