With Go First extending cancellation of all its flights across the country until May 12 amid uncertainty over its future,passengers are set to suffer from rise in airfares.

The scene is no different in Ranchi where it has come as a trouble shooter in the airline industry. The move is going to reduce capacity and could push airfares in certain routes, especially Ranchi- Babgluru and Ranchi- Mumbai.

The suspension of Go First service, Indigo and Air Asia have gained profit as air fares had shot up on Ranchi - Bagaluru and Ranchi- Mumbai flights.

Most customers of Go First are quickly shifting toward Indigo and Air Asia, travel agencies said on Saturday.

“ The air fares for Bengaluru and Mumbai flights have increased by 60 percent”, said a senior travel agent.

Normally, the air fares of Ranchi -Bengaluru and Ranchi- Mumbai were Rs 6,198 and Rs 5,499 respectively. It has gone up to Rs 59-60,000 per passenger.

In any case, the Wadia Group-owned airline, formerly known as GoAir, has filed a plea for voluntary insolvency resolution proceedings before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), which reserved its order on Thursday.

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