Rejuvenating India’s Cultural and Spiritual Heritage 238 antiquities brought back to India in the last nine years, the Centre is involved in an exercise with the aim- of bringing back the country’s antiquities & artefacts from across the world. 

Over centuries, innumerable priceless artefacts, some with deep cultural and religious significance, had been stolen and smuggled abroad. 

The government led by PM Narendra Modi has adopted a proactive approach for ‘bringing back Indian artefacts and cultural heritage’. On numerous foreign visits, Prime Minister is on record as having discussed the matter with global leaders and multilateral institutions.

As on April 24, 2023, 251 invaluable antiquities of Indian origin have been retrieved back from different countries, out of which 238 have been brought back since 2014. 

Further, nearly 72 antiquities are in the process of being repatriated from various countries. The untiring efforts of the Government of India have led to the repatriation of our rightful artefacts that reflect and epitomise the glory of our ancient civilisation.


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